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“People couldn’t picture themselves living in the house until
you staged it and brought it back to life.” Remax Agent,
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Customized Packages

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"To be successful in this industry, you need to cater to your CLIENT'S demands and needs.
Our unique and exclusive service offerings allow us to cater to YOUR needs. Whether you require a personal "style team' approach, or just a buffer to handle those awkward moments.

One of the big differentiators between Regroup Property Stylists and other staging companies is our willingness to create custom services to fit your requirements. We can customize our consults to include what you need and meet your budget. We are masters at using a vendor’s existing furniture and repurposing it to reduce rental costs – we don’t insist on only staging empty homes. Each project is unique just like each vendor is unique....And remember Our Advanced Lifestyle Techniques really work."

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Custom Co-Branded Collateral

Stand out from other Realtors

The advantage of having a graphic artist as our Creative Director here at Regroup is that we can offer the agents we work with impactful marketing tools. Branded printed material, online buttons and banners are the perfect way to let your client know just how marketing savy you really are! We have created a custom one pager about our services that includes your name and other contact information, as well as digital version

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Open House Prep

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Our Open House Prep is for you!
Our Certified Home Staging and Interior Styling expert will make a trip the property the morning of the open house and make sure every last detail is looked after. Linens, bedding, cushions and even small furniture can become disheveled with a hectic lifestyle. We go you through each room fine-tuning lighting, music, and overall look and feel to showcase a lifestyle that appeals to the most likely type of buyer. Open Prep Service takes the worry away and flawlessly sets the stage for a successful open house.

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-Royal Le Page Agent

Custom & Co-Branded
Marketing Material
We have created a sleek custom one-pager with your information and ours to present a seamless team approach!


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