Is 'staging or styling to sell' the same as interior decorating?

No, it's very different.
Studies show that potential buyers make their mind up about a house a few short minutes after walking in the front door. Property Styling or Staging is based on five definitive principles that allow a home seller to make a fabulous first impression – fast.
Your home has to appeal to a wide range of potential buyers while looking its best and competing in your area against other listings or private sales.
Regroup Property Stylists understand your specific target market and will style your home to appeal to the broadest base of prospective buyers. Appeal to more and sell for more!
What exactly will you be doing?

This depends on the service you require.
Most often our service consists of styling and accessorizing using a mix of your existing furniture combined with selections from our inventory of contemporary accessories and small furnishings to create the look that sells.
However, it may simply be a home review with a prioritized 'to-do' list or in some cases we rent rooms of furniture and then add our accessories & linens. Each home and home owner has unique requirements and we strive to meet those needs.
Is this an expensive service?
Staging is actually one way you can invest a relatively small amount of money and see it returned to you when you sell. The 2009 RESA ( Real Estate Staging Association) Staging Report states that a staging investment nets an average of 586% return on investment. Average staging costs are between $300 - $1000
Who gets their home staged?

In todays competitive market where every penny counts and time on the market is money lost, owners of every type and size of home get their property styled / staged. Whether you have a large home, a condo, rural, suburban or downtown you should have it staged. If you have an occupied home or a vacant one or a home that is looking tired and dated, staging can help add the touches you need. Now, most Realtors recommend staging to their vendors.
I have heard that 'staged' homes sell faster. Is this true?

Staging homes is a newer concept in Canada but has been in practice in the USA for many years. RESA ( Real Estate Staging Association) has released very interesting statistics stating that staged homes sell on average in 78% less days on the market.We are happy to discuss our services and your needs at length on the phone or via email.It's time to Regroup. Contact us before you put your house on the market.

What makes a great STAGER?



...looks at 5 Distinct Principles of Staging. This encompasses flow, furniture configuration, room use, and furniture size, clutter and style.


... knows how much to de-personalize and de-clutter. It also means creating a positive emotional connection with the prospective buyers as soon as they walk in or even as they pull up & see the curb appeal.


...the neighbourhood, and really understand the target market..


...the industry and your pain points
any other


our inventory

READY TO CONNECT? We are happy to discuss our services and your needs at length on the phone or via email.
It's time to Regroup.

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